Around the world in 80 days

Today was day 1. Day 1 of an 80 day program. I am already sore. Sure hope this ends well!

Made Keto Stroganoff this evening. Very tasty, but I’d like to tweak it a bit before I post it here.

Made with hamburger, not steaks. And cauliflower rice.

I will be doing it again soon….and as soon as it’s tweaked properly, I’ll share! Um, the recipe….not my meal. 🙂

stay tuned for pics, more recipes and updates on this program!

You can’t cheat your grind

I heard that phrase today. And I liked it so much I thought I’d borrow it so I could share it here with you….

You can’t cheat your grind…..

Why not?

Because if you’re working out, eating right, doing everything better today than yesterday, then you’re grinding it out. Your Grind knows what you’re doing. She knows when you’re present and accounted for.


If you’re just talking about exercising, talking about meditation or eating right, talking the talk but not walking the walk, your Grind knows you’re not there. She is very much aware that you are not utilizing her…you are cheating her out of her work and she is NOT happy about that!

Don’t cheat your Grind

Get up early and exercise

Do your morning gratitudes and meditation

Read your personal development books

Make a good breakfast if that’s your thing

Pack good food to take to work with you

Contact a health/life coach to help you identify and correct issues

Drive careful and be the best you that you can possibly be today…better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow’s you

Don’t cheat your Grind

What to do?

Hey there…I hope your new year has been going great and if you made a resolution to work out, you have been.

You’ve scoured the internet and book stores for fitness plans, maybe even contracted with a personal trainer to help get on track at the gym….just remember though, it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can NOT exercise away a bad diet.

And not everything you read applies to YOU…

So what to do? You think you should eat less but you’re hungry because you’re spending so much time on the treadmill and doing cardio…because that’s what you read would help with weight loss.

Yes, cardio is good for you…in moderation. However, cardio WILL make you hungry.

Lifting weights will build muscle, which will improve your metabolism, which will burn more fat…and you will be hungry but not ravenous like you will be with cardio.

But you’ve read all that before, right?

So what’s up with all this information available to you??? What they aren’t telling you is that these are generalized comments and suggestions. Generalized for a healthy individual who doesn’t have more than 10 – 20 pounds to lose.

If you are like the majority of us out there, a 20lb loss is just the beginning of your journey….and some of these plans simply will not work long term for you.

YOU are unique. your metabolism is yours and yours alone. Carbs might rev it up…they might also slow it to a crawl.

YOU are unique as an individual…there is a reason you’re over eating or not exercising. You might know the reason, or you may not. But until that reason is addressed and old habits are changed, YOU will not change, regardless of the plan you decide to follow.

Get with a coach. A coach can help you identify the underlying reasons behind your health and fitness issues. A coach will keep you accountable for your actions and help you stay on track.

I am that coach. Call or e-mail me. Let’s talk about your fitness and health goals. Let’s work together to get you where you want to be.

Happy New Year!

The holidays are over, waistlines expanded, hangovers dealt with, credit cards melted from over use and relatives have left your house a wreck. A hotwreck.

But the holidays are but a blip in time when it comes to your life….a few weeks in a year that you can ‘live it up’ and shouldn’t feel like you’ve ruined a years worth of diet and exercise, or that you must have your home looking like a model, or those bills filed away immediately.

Your health is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can’t exercise a bad diet out of your life. And you CAN ‘cheat’ more often once you’ve hit your goals.

So now that it’s Jan 1, make a commitment to yourself. For better health, more organization, more exercise, frugality and repair of old items, perhaps repurposing things rather than tossing in the trash, donate appropriately. Whatever you decide you want to improve upon in your life for 2018, make that commitment and enjoy the success!

As for me…my goals for 2018 are indeed to be more organized. Get my paper files in order once and for all! I’d like to lose 30 pounds…and become stronger. Maybe get my thyroid health in check…if it’s even possible.

And my Hotwreck goal? To help you all….in whatever you may need.

As a Life and Health Coach, I can help you when you feel strong, I can help when you feel weak, help you find answers to your questions.

I’ll be posting regularly with my personal journey to health including diet tips, menu plans and recipes, so be sure to check back regularly…and leave your e-mail below if you’d like to be included in bi-weekly exercise tips, tricks and additional recipes!

Happy New Year and may you all be hot wrecks!

Day 7

Week 1 of 12 is done. Yea!

Hard work this week. My knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my shoulders hurt, every muscle on my body hurts….BUT…you know what the Marines say. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

I will be the incredible hulk by the end of this program by the way I feel right now!

Let’s talk about this though.  The pain.

I took a rest day today for the most part. Active recovery is what they call it. And rest is required. Not just a good idea….but required.

So I rested.  I did homework. I taught a lesson. I entertained friends and family. Then I did more homework and now I’m here, writing to you.

A good, productive, restful day.

Tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed….on time…my joints will hurt, my muscles will hurt and I will do the program I have set out for myself. This pain? It will go away after a couple of weeks.

My strength? It’s becoming more. And quite frankly I’m enjoying the way it feels. The changes to my body in just a week of serious work….it’s incredible.

Now if I were to get my eating on plan to match the work I’m doing…..I can only imagine the changes I’d be experiencing!

So next week…..I’m going to eat the ‘right’ way for me. Meat and veggies. No pie, or cake, or candy. Have my Shakeology every day…my daily dose of dense nutrition.

This time next week I bet I’ll be telling you that I feel better, I look better and am so much stronger……but my joints hurt, and my muscles hurt…..

And it will be worth every step.

Day 6

Saturday morning – I was wide awake at 4AM. WTF?!

I tried to get back to sleep…..nope. Not happening.

There’s a bird that sings outside my window. I hear him every morning about this time, but most mornings I go back to sleep with a smile on my face and wake up way too late.  This morning? No chance. I laid there and listened for an hour. Then the bird just stopped.

I tried to ‘nap’….not gonna happen. I flip flopped for another hour then got on my phone to check Facebook. What a time suck that is. Right? Who else get on Facebook just to check on something only to realize it’s been 2 hours?!

The husband woke up somewhere around 6:30….he also got on his phone. We really do have a wonderful relationship.  🙂

Got into the exercise room about 7. I only did 30 minutes this morning. I did not feel well. Still don’t as a matter of fact.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the consequence of last nights bad choices.

I figured today will just be my ‘rest’ day. There should be one every week, right? So today is mine.

Eat on plan today, high water volumes, tomorrow should be a better day.

My step-dad used to say,”Don’t dance if you can’t pay the fiddler”…well, I’m paying the fiddler today. And the price feels pretty steep.

Keep that in mind when you make a choice that you KNOW is going to have bad consequences……you gotta pay that fiddler. Nobody gets away without paying the fiddler.

Dance like no one is watching….but be prepared for the invoice.  🙂

Day 5

Friday. Overslept again. I stayed up late last night waiting for my daughters friend to leave….so it was close to midnight once again before I got to sleep.

This. Has. Got. To. Stop!

Got in a good workout though.

Ate pretty well in the keto state, right up to the dinner and movie.  <<sigh>>

Bacon cheeseburger. Forgot to ask for lettuce wrap and didn’t remove the bun. Choices, right?

Fries. More choices.

Popcorn at the movie. Final choice.

Let’s look at this more closely….life is truly about choices. Perhaps as a child you have few choices to make because your parents made them for you. Hopefully they taught you how to make choices because it truly is a learned art form. If they didn’t, hopefully you learned from your mistakes and making bad choices growing into adulthood. Hopefully you don’t make a series of mistakes as I did tonight.

Choosing the right is important. The right clothes, the right house, the right car, the right shoes, the right partner, the right meal. Living with a bad choice has it’s consequences.

My bad choices consequences? Well….it isn’t going to be pretty.  HAHAHAHAHA

Have a lovely day – and choose the right (fill in the blank)!!

Day 4

Here we are, another day done.  Where does the time go?!

this morning was rough – up at 2 with rain….and couldn’t get to sleep until after 4. Needless to say getting up with the new alarm time of 6:30 didn’t happen.  In fact I didn’t hear my husband leave….which I was counting on him waking me up.  Apparently I was close to comatose.

Anyway – up at 8, hitting the exercise room by 8:30. Got through my cardio and decided to get right into the weights since I was so late. Bad move. I had depleted my glucogyn with the cardio, I was exhausted. So I had brunch, made a couple of phone calls then went to complete the weights. It worked nicely.

Made a few more calls, took care of some business, made a fabulous keto dinner and here we are.

I can actually feel my muscles tonight. I’ve been really good about exercise for a total of about 4 whole days.  wow. Prior to this it was hit or miss.  Most mornings I would do cardio and/or body weight exercises but missed the entire 9 days I was out of state. (I really gotta get better about that) But for the last 4 days I have been consistent and I can feel them. And I’m standing and walking taller.

I can only imagine how much it will improve as I continue this path. And as I’m dialing in my nutrition I can only imagine how quickly I’ll start to see the results.  In fact I see some of it now….can’t wait for those around me to notice!

I have decided to go with a keto diet for the next 11 weeks. (because that’s when my vacation starts!!!!  woot!!!) Clearly I will do as much as I can to remain keto while on vacation but that’s really when it becomes out of your control.

But again, I digress…Keto for me.

What is Keto you ask?

High fat, moderate protein and low carb. I had asked the question of just how low carb it was and was informed that it can vary depending on the individual.

I will let you know where I end up in the carb ‘ladder’ once I figure it out. Today was fairly low….

Following a keto diet can have many benefits and I would urge you to check it out if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the Standard American Diet.  Which we know…isn’t healthy at all.  🙂

And of course you can always ask me.  Just leave a comment and your e-mail.

Lesson today – must eat before lifting…..cardio on an empty stomach is good. Lifting on an empty stomach is not.

Be Healthy!

Day 3

I actually woke up before the alarm this morning.  How cool is that?!

Well, it would have been if I had actually gotten out of bed like I was supposed to.  Husband was curled up still sleeping….I curled up next to him and stayed in bed….just closing my eyes for a minute.  riiigggghhhhttttt……at 6:30 I rolled out of bed.  I think I’m just going to set my alarm for 6:30.  hahaha

I was able to complete P90X3 and Core de Force before heading downstairs to speak with my lab partner.  I’m really lovin’ P90X3…and recommend it if you’re looking for a fast, complete workout!  It combines yoga, calisthenics, a little weight lifting…..a nice combination.

Completed my lab, (the last lab!!!) while I drank my morning Shakeology.  Chocolate today made with hemp milk.  Deeeeeelicious!  Also lovin’ that hemp milk!

After my lab and other homework, I decided to eat my lunch in the sun.  It’s been cold and rainy for the past few days and it’s left me cold.  I’m a summer person and not digging this cold stuff at all, so lunch in the sun with a phone call to my best friend.  It was great.

Came in to complete more homework then back upstairs to lift weights. Body Beast – another program that I truly enjoy. I completed ‘Back and Bis’ today. A shower completed the afternoon.  What a day.

Weight….let’s talk weight. Muscle weighs more than fat….and takes up less space. Fat loss is a slow process. Building muscle when you have fat to lose will seem like you’re not making progress. You are. Don’t put all your faith in whatever the number is that comes up on the scale.

Measure yourself. Use those measurements as a guide to your success. Look at yourself naked in the morning…use that visual as a guide. You should take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics….I will be taking them on a bi-weekly basis and posting here….as soon as I have an ‘after’ pic to post.

I am stronger than I was a month ago. I have better lung capacity than I did a month ago. And the only weight I’ve lost is the bloat that I get from over eating crap food at gatherings.

Yes I could eat less. However, eating less isn’t the answer. Eating better is. And I’m working on that. And will discuss that as soon as I have the next menu put together.  🙂

A lesson for today? Get out of bed at a reasonable time….and if you wake up before your alarm, roll with that.  Don’t go back to bed!

Be healthy!!

Day 2

Darn that alarm! I shut it off, closed my eyes and woke to my husband saying goodbye at 6:20.  <<sigh>>

Got up, made my morning energy drink and hit the exercise room.

This morning I did The Firm volume 2, low impact aerobics.  worked up quite the sweat!

Following was P90X3, day 1. I think I’m in love! What a fun workout, challenging and definitely had those moves that I had to look at the TV again and say ‘what??’

I was hungry when I finished with these, and had a phone call to make so I ended my morning cardio there, came downstairs and fixed my Shakeology drink….made it with hemp milk this morning….what a great flavor!

Had my call, did a bit of study then fixed lunch….4 hard boiled eggs, 1 slice of bacon crumbled and 2 tablespoons of Ranch dressing.  It fit the bill.

A 3 mile walk listening to a couple of lectures through my phone….then it’s leg day with Body Beast when I return!

Oh, and I must say, that bloat from the weekend?  Gone. Down 3 lbs this morning.  🙂 not where I want to be but it’s better than yesterday!