About Me

Hi!  And again, welcome.

My name is Trish and I am a Hot Wreck.

Sounds like the beginning of a 12 step program, doesn’t it.

I was thin most of my life.  In shape, strong, active….vibrant.

Then my thyroid decided to attack itself in my last pregnancy.  My baby was born sick, and I was as well.  We got her healthy, but my thyroid remained an issue.

After about 10 years, we were finally able to get the dosage of medication right…to help me feel good again.  I was tired…like to the bone tired.  Had a mind fog, issues focusing on anything.  And moody….depressed….and gaining weight.  So to get all these things taken care of by one pill….took a long time.

I started to feel good again but was still heavy.  The pills weren’t magical and didn’t take me back to where I was before I had my last child.  I needed something more.

So I searched.  I read.  hundreds of books.  Searched websites for answers.

I found a suggestion….take lots of vitamins and minerals and eat low carb. well, I could do some of the vitamins (it became too expensive to sustain) but I could eat low carb.  I lost weight.  I started to feel even better.  who knew?!

Then I fell off the wagon, so to speak.  I felt so good I thought I was ‘fixed’….I gained the weight back and more….rapidly.  I was not ‘fixed’.  Nor would I be ‘fixed’ if I kept up this ridiculous back and forth.

I went back to low carb, not as strict as I had been, and I didn’t lose weight but I did lose interest.

Enter the ketogenic diet.  Oh how folks told me how wrong it was!  High fat, moderate protein and low carb…..how on earth could that do anything for me?!  well it did.  and quickly too!  The food was satisfying, and I lost weight.  Unfortunately my job kept me on the road and this, too, proved to be unsustainable.

Lucky for me, my job is no longer an issue!  I am working in my own office, helping others who have similar issues, or different issues, or just want to be healthier and happier.  I can eat ketogenically, exercise every day, and am getting healthier than I’ve been in ages.

So peruse the site.  See if there’s anything here that interests you and please leave a comment or your e-mail below.  There will be a monthly newsletter coming soon and blog posts on my continuing journey.

Here’s to our health!!!