Day 3

I actually woke up before the alarm this morning.  How cool is that?!

Well, it would have been if I had actually gotten out of bed like I was supposed to.  Husband was curled up still sleeping….I curled up next to him and stayed in bed….just closing my eyes for a minute.  riiigggghhhhttttt……at 6:30 I rolled out of bed.  I think I’m just going to set my alarm for 6:30.  hahaha

I was able to complete P90X3 and Core de Force before heading downstairs to speak with my lab partner.  I’m really lovin’ P90X3…and recommend it if you’re looking for a fast, complete workout!  It combines yoga, calisthenics, a little weight lifting…..a nice combination.

Completed my lab, (the last lab!!!) while I drank my morning Shakeology.  Chocolate today made with hemp milk.  Deeeeeelicious!  Also lovin’ that hemp milk!

After my lab and other homework, I decided to eat my lunch in the sun.  It’s been cold and rainy for the past few days and it’s left me cold.  I’m a summer person and not digging this cold stuff at all, so lunch in the sun with a phone call to my best friend.  It was great.

Came in to complete more homework then back upstairs to lift weights. Body Beast – another program that I truly enjoy. I completed ‘Back and Bis’ today. A shower completed the afternoon.  What a day.

Weight….let’s talk weight. Muscle weighs more than fat….and takes up less space. Fat loss is a slow process. Building muscle when you have fat to lose will seem like you’re not making progress. You are. Don’t put all your faith in whatever the number is that comes up on the scale.

Measure yourself. Use those measurements as a guide to your success. Look at yourself naked in the morning…use that visual as a guide. You should take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics….I will be taking them on a bi-weekly basis and posting here….as soon as I have an ‘after’ pic to post.

I am stronger than I was a month ago. I have better lung capacity than I did a month ago. And the only weight I’ve lost is the bloat that I get from over eating crap food at gatherings.

Yes I could eat less. However, eating less isn’t the answer. Eating better is. And I’m working on that. And will discuss that as soon as I have the next menu put together.  🙂

A lesson for today? Get out of bed at a reasonable time….and if you wake up before your alarm, roll with that.  Don’t go back to bed!

Be healthy!!

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