Day 5

Friday. Overslept again. I stayed up late last night waiting for my daughters friend to leave….so it was close to midnight once again before I got to sleep.

This. Has. Got. To. Stop!

Got in a good workout though.

Ate pretty well in the keto state, right up to the dinner and movie.  <<sigh>>

Bacon cheeseburger. Forgot to ask for lettuce wrap and didn’t remove the bun. Choices, right?

Fries. More choices.

Popcorn at the movie. Final choice.

Let’s look at this more closely….life is truly about choices. Perhaps as a child you have few choices to make because your parents made them for you. Hopefully they taught you how to make choices because it truly is a learned art form. If they didn’t, hopefully you learned from your mistakes and making bad choices growing into adulthood. Hopefully you don’t make a series of mistakes as I did tonight.

Choosing the right is important. The right clothes, the right house, the right car, the right shoes, the right partner, the right meal. Living with a bad choice has it’s consequences.

My bad choices consequences? Well….it isn’t going to be pretty.  HAHAHAHAHA

Have a lovely day – and choose the right (fill in the blank)!!

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