Day 6

Saturday morning – I was wide awake at 4AM. WTF?!

I tried to get back to sleep…..nope. Not happening.

There’s a bird that sings outside my window. I hear him every morning about this time, but most mornings I go back to sleep with a smile on my face and wake up way too late.  This morning? No chance. I laid there and listened for an hour. Then the bird just stopped.

I tried to ‘nap’….not gonna happen. I flip flopped for another hour then got on my phone to check Facebook. What a time suck that is. Right? Who else get on Facebook just to check on something only to realize it’s been 2 hours?!

The husband woke up somewhere around 6:30….he also got on his phone. We really do have a wonderful relationship.  🙂

Got into the exercise room about 7. I only did 30 minutes this morning. I did not feel well. Still don’t as a matter of fact.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the consequence of last nights bad choices.

I figured today will just be my ‘rest’ day. There should be one every week, right? So today is mine.

Eat on plan today, high water volumes, tomorrow should be a better day.

My step-dad used to say,”Don’t dance if you can’t pay the fiddler”…well, I’m paying the fiddler today. And the price feels pretty steep.

Keep that in mind when you make a choice that you KNOW is going to have bad consequences……you gotta pay that fiddler. Nobody gets away without paying the fiddler.

Dance like no one is watching….but be prepared for the invoice.  🙂

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