Day 7

Week 1 of 12 is done. Yea!

Hard work this week. My knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my shoulders hurt, every muscle on my body hurts….BUT…you know what the Marines say. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

I will be the incredible hulk by the end of this program by the way I feel right now!

Let’s talk about this though.  The pain.

I took a rest day today for the most part. Active recovery is what they call it. And rest is required. Not just a good idea….but required.

So I rested.  I did homework. I taught a lesson. I entertained friends and family. Then I did more homework and now I’m here, writing to you.

A good, productive, restful day.

Tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed….on time…my joints will hurt, my muscles will hurt and I will do the program I have set out for myself. This pain? It will go away after a couple of weeks.

My strength? It’s becoming more. And quite frankly I’m enjoying the way it feels. The changes to my body in just a week of serious work….it’s incredible.

Now if I were to get my eating on plan to match the work I’m doing…..I can only imagine the changes I’d be experiencing!

So next week…..I’m going to eat the ‘right’ way for me. Meat and veggies. No pie, or cake, or candy. Have my Shakeology every day…my daily dose of dense nutrition.

This time next week I bet I’ll be telling you that I feel better, I look better and am so much stronger……but my joints hurt, and my muscles hurt…..

And it will be worth every step.

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