Happy New Year!

The holidays are over, waistlines expanded, hangovers dealt with, credit cards melted from over use and relatives have left your house a wreck. A hotwreck.

But the holidays are but a blip in time when it comes to your life….a few weeks in a year that you can ‘live it up’ and shouldn’t feel like you’ve ruined a years worth of diet and exercise, or that you must have your home looking like a model, or those bills filed away immediately.

Your health is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can’t exercise a bad diet out of your life. And you CAN ‘cheat’ more often once you’ve hit your goals.

So now that it’s Jan 1, make a commitment to yourself. For better health, more organization, more exercise, frugality and repair of old items, perhaps repurposing things rather than tossing in the trash, donate appropriately. Whatever you decide you want to improve upon in your life for 2018, make that commitment and enjoy the success!

As for me…my goals for 2018 are indeed to be more organized. Get my paper files in order once and for all! I’d like to lose 30 pounds…and become stronger. Maybe get my thyroid health in check…if it’s even possible.

And my Hotwreck goal? To help you all….in whatever you may need.

As a Life and Health Coach, I can help you when you feel strong, I can help when you feel weak, help you find answers to your questions.

I’ll be posting regularly with my personal journey to health including diet tips, menu plans and recipes, so be sure to check back regularly…and leave your e-mail below if you’d like to be included in bi-weekly exercise tips, tricks and additional recipes!

Happy New Year and may you all be hot wrecks!

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