Hot Wreck

Welcome to Hot Wreck.  Why Hot Wreck?  We’re one step beyond a hot mess, right?  As an older woman, or someone with health issues, we might have been a hot mess when we were younger, but now?  Let’s face it, we’re all Hot Wrecks!  🙂

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the birth of my last child.  Apparently at some point in time during the pregnancy my body decided to attack itself.

As with any auto-immune disease or deficiency, the body’s defenses get confused and attack itself, creating a problem that, in some cases, we have to live with for the rest of our lives.  Most can be treated with medication or diet and exercise, or a combination….but it doesn’t necessarily make you feel good.

I became obsessed…as I aged and gained more weight…became more tired…had more issues….I decided enough was enough.  I couldn’t find anyone to turn to.  Lots of books, but no real people.  So I turned to myself.

Through lots of reading, lots of diet trials, lots of failures and successes, I am finally feeling good.  There is enough energy in the morning to exercise.  Enough energy caused by the exercise that I can make it all day.  Weight is coming off, fat is being exchanged for muscle.  After 18 years, I’ve finally figured out what works for me!

And I want to help you too.  So you can celebrate successes and minimal failure.

If you are suffering with any auto-immune issues, are healthy but over 40, are under 40 but want a friend in your court (whether you’re healthy or not!), you want to lose weight, gain weight, lose fat and gain muscle, or just start a better diet for you and your family….give me a call.  I bet we can work together to get you to the healthiest you we can! Mind, Body, Spirit….Health Wealth Love and Happiness….you truly CAN have it all.  🙂