Day 4

Here we are, another day done.  Where does the time go?!

this morning was rough – up at 2 with rain….and couldn’t get to sleep until after 4. Needless to say getting up with the new alarm time of 6:30 didn’t happen.  In fact I didn’t hear my husband leave….which I was counting on him waking me up.  Apparently I was close to comatose.

Anyway – up at 8, hitting the exercise room by 8:30. Got through my cardio and decided to get right into the weights since I was so late. Bad move. I had depleted my glucogyn with the cardio, I was exhausted. So I had brunch, made a couple of phone calls then went to complete the weights. It worked nicely.

Made a few more calls, took care of some business, made a fabulous keto dinner and here we are.

I can actually feel my muscles tonight. I’ve been really good about exercise for a total of about 4 whole days.  wow. Prior to this it was hit or miss.  Most mornings I would do cardio and/or body weight exercises but missed the entire 9 days I was out of state. (I really gotta get better about that) But for the last 4 days I have been consistent and I can feel them. And I’m standing and walking taller.

I can only imagine how much it will improve as I continue this path. And as I’m dialing in my nutrition I can only imagine how quickly I’ll start to see the results.  In fact I see some of it now….can’t wait for those around me to notice!

I have decided to go with a keto diet for the next 11 weeks. (because that’s when my vacation starts!!!!  woot!!!) Clearly I will do as much as I can to remain keto while on vacation but that’s really when it becomes out of your control.

But again, I digress…Keto for me.

What is Keto you ask?

High fat, moderate protein and low carb. I had asked the question of just how low carb it was and was informed that it can vary depending on the individual.

I will let you know where I end up in the carb ‘ladder’ once I figure it out. Today was fairly low….

Following a keto diet can have many benefits and I would urge you to check it out if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the Standard American Diet.  Which we know…isn’t healthy at all.  🙂

And of course you can always ask me.  Just leave a comment and your e-mail.

Lesson today – must eat before lifting…..cardio on an empty stomach is good. Lifting on an empty stomach is not.

Be Healthy!

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