You can’t cheat your grind

I heard that phrase today. And I liked it so much I thought I’d borrow it so I could share it here with you….

You can’t cheat your grind…..

Why not?

Because if you’re working out, eating right, doing everything better today than yesterday, then you’re grinding it out. Your Grind knows what you’re doing. She knows when you’re present and accounted for.


If you’re just talking about exercising, talking about meditation or eating right, talking the talk but not walking the walk, your Grind knows you’re not there. She is very much aware that you are not utilizing her…you are cheating her out of her work and she is NOT happy about that!

Don’t cheat your Grind

Get up early and exercise

Do your morning gratitudes and meditation

Read your personal development books

Make a good breakfast if that’s your thing

Pack good food to take to work with you

Contact a health/life coach to help you identify and correct issues

Drive careful and be the best you that you can possibly be today…better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow’s you

Don’t cheat your Grind

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